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KASTA Will be Listing Bybit Exchange 7PM 5TH January ,2022 ,Listing Gate 7PM 28TH January ,2022The new Spot Pair, KASTA/USDT, will be ready for trading , if the liquidity conditions are met.

(*) Rate Sale: 1 KASTA = 0,04 $

(*) Buy 0.01 BNB = 200 KASTA

(*) Buy 0.1 BNB = 2,000 KASTA

(*) Buy 1 BNB = 20,000 KASTA

(*) Your friends who buy through your link receive 100% commission

Refer your friends bonus

(*) Total supply:1,500,000,000 KASTA

(*) Private / Pre-sale: 269,696,699 (17.98%)

(*) Public Sale: 28,571,429 (1.90%)

(*) Lock-up: 10% unlocked at listing, 90% vests within 6 months.

(*) Estimated Listing price on Bybit exchange And Gate: 8$

Features on Kasta :
Debit card :
Kasta will launch a debit card that
will allow customers to spend their money anywhere.
Buy Now Pay Later : Kasta will provide a payment centric solution where users can purchase an item from an online store and choose when and how to pay later
Earn passive income
with productivity:
Don't let your crypto stagnate in your wallet. Make it grow instead. Kasta's system will find you the best return with the lowest risk.
By connecting the corporate cash flow and assets that have already been on-boarded onto the Bitcoin Min platform to the rapidly growing DeFi landscape, Bitcoin Min-DeFi enables enterprises to better utilize their sidelined capital, optimize their financial operations, create frictionless payment experiences for their customer base, and tap into the supercharged liquidity of DeFi.
THE KASTA TOKEN : With KASTA token you'll get the most out of Kasta. You can use it for payments and it comes with a wide range of benefits and discounts.
KASTA is the cryptocurrency token that offers a wide range of applications and benefits within the Kasta ecosystem. You can buy or sell KASTA like any other cryptocurrency. KASTA will play an important role in Kasta’s growth and making our mission to steer the world towards worldwide cryptocurrency adoption a reality.

Kasta's smart exchange engine will provide the ability to choose the currency in which the user wants to receive payment. Example: Send BTC, receive EUR.

Routes & Updates
Quarter 1 of 2021:
The beginning of ideas
Registration and login process:
Second quarter of 2021:
Buy and send BTC
Send and receive money
Development Recruitment:
3rd quarter of 2021:
Architecture MVP
Crypto to Cryptocurrency Exchange,Deposit/withdraw BTC, ETH, USDT, KASTA
Carl Roegind
Co-Founder & CEO
- Q4 2021: Generate KASTA Token,Buy BTC, ETH, USDT, KASTA,Exchange Crypto to Cryptocurrency,Deposit/withdraw BTC, ETH, USDT, KASTA,Refer a Friend,Portfolio, Get Estonian Cryptocurrency License,Easy Swap Tool,Beta Launch
-- Q2 2022: Affiliate Program,Affiliate Dashboard,Implemented our own payment gateway to reduce exchange fees,Best rate and liquidity from exchanges,Productivity ,Bank transfer to & from Kasta. IBAN number for user
Project team, investors & partners
Cristiam Da Silva
Full-stack developer
Marco Barcellos
Full-stack developer
Ígor Costa
Full-stack developer
Mathieu Sylvain
Social media manager
Sebastian Appelberg
Co-Founder & CTO
Carl Runefelt
Co-Founder & CMO
YouTuber Carl Runefelt Credits Social Media
Hans-H Lusmägi
Co-Founder & CPO
In The Press